We Got The Drivetrain!

Yesterday we took a little road trip north to Meredith New Hampshire to checkout a 1985 Chevy C-10 with a 1988 Isuzu 4BD1T and a 2001 GM NV4500 All Ready Bolted Together!!! We were able to “test drive” the C-10 which was awesome. It was amazing that we found our dream engine/tranny combination all set to go and only three hours away. I still can’t believe it! We are now way ahead in the parts gathering process.

Test driving the C-10 was crazy. The exhaust was a 4 inch unmuffled stack right behind the drivers head. The clutch was almost impossible to operate, you had to push it to the floor, then push some more to get the thing to shift. Tim stalled the truck four or more times just trying to pull it out of the drive way. The idle was low making the whole truck shake like a wet dog, but when the idle was increased a bit it smoothed right out. So the drive train looks solid. As for the rest of the truck, well it’s not something we really wanted to deal with.

Once the excitement of hearing and seeing the 4BD1T/NV4500 running wore off we began negotiations. The seller figured out pretty quickly that we wanted the drivetrain for our LandCruiser and that we didn’t think much of the rest of the truck. Tim promptly asked if we could buy just the engine and transmission. The seller didn’t take much time to respond with ‘make me an offer’. Tim started saying he was around $2,500 but I said $2,000, then we all settled at $2,200. Funny that I had to negotiate with the seller and my husband to get a better price. The seller was totally open to pulling the drivetrain for us, packing it in an engine crate, and driving it to Mass for us. How perfect was that! And at a good price!

Now we just need to pull the 2F out and get Trip ready for it’s new diesel 5 speed drivetrain. Of course, there is work to do on the engine and tranny before it can go in. First we have to convert the GM NV4500 2wd to a 4wd so we can add our Toyota ┬át-case.

This is what we saw on the trip home from purchasing the drivetrain!

This is what we saw on the trip home from purchasing the drivetrain!

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