Toytoa Split Transfercase and NV4500 Transmission

Well we brought the NV4500 to Shawns house in the back of the FJ40.  We need to remove the tail housing and see where it has the correct spline count to use with our advanced adapter kit.  We removed the tail housing and it appears to the the wrong spline count as we suspected.  I called several transmission shops and they will change the main shaft.  There is no upgraded version of the main shaft available for the GM NV4500’s its only the Dodge version that the upgrade is available for.


We then decided to remove the transfer case from the old 4 speed Toyota transmission.  It is a split transfer case and does not remove as a unit.  There are bolts inside that need to be removed to detach it from the transmission.  As long as we have it all taken apart to remove it we are going to order a rebuild kit and change the bearing and seals.


Nv4500 to Shawns moving transfercase NV4500 main shaft Transfercase transfercase spliting Transfercase removal Transfercase split

































September 8th I ordered the new GM 4×4 main shaft for the transmission.  We called a few transmission places and one of my husbands friends referred us to Hannah’s Performance Transmission in Ludlow, Ma. The guys there seemed  knowledgeable and had reasonable pricing.   After dropping off the transmission September 9th he said to bring in the advanced adapter tail housing as well.  We discussed rebuilding the transfer case, which we planned on doing our self, and ended up dropping off the transfer case with Terrain Tamer rebuild kit, adapter and main shaft on Sept 15th .  He said he should have it done in around a week and we will have the peace of mind knowing it was done by a professional.

new main shaft and trannfer case rebuild kit Terrain Tamer Rebuild Kit New GM 4x4 Main Shaft





















Well after going through a nightmare with Hannah’s Performance Transmission / Ludlow Automotive in Ludlow, Ma we were luckily able to get our parts back from Doug and ended up bringing them to Hi-Tech Transmissions on January 19th 2015. Hi- Tech did a great job on the project and we were very satisfied with their service. They did all that we asked and came in under the quoted amount. Here is the transmission almost complete and another once we got it home from Hi- Tech on on March 6th 2015. We are very excited to finally have the transfer case rebuilt , shaft in the NV4500 changed and them mounted together with the advanced adapter.


NV4500 Shaft changed at Hi techtransfercase at hi techTransmission and Transfercase all together




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