This week

I have continued to clean up parts of the engine and then paint them.  We removed the water pump since is it easy to change now and I am in the process of ordering another one.  I am having a little trouble finding one.  I originally order a Gates 43314 Water Pump, however, got an email saying it was out of stock almost a week later.  I order the same water pump from another online store and the same thing happened they replied they could not get the pump from the supplier.  I then tried Napa as they had one listed on their site.  I call for availability and they called back the next day saying they could not get it.   I called my Isuzu Dealer and they only have rebuilt water pumps for around 175 plus core. I also have been looking into new bushing for the supension and other small misc. parts.  I was also able to clean up the engine block while all these part were off and paint that.


paint engine 2Exhaust manafold cleaned upExhaust manafold painted



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