Well yesterday we disconnected the last few items and pulled Trips old engine out.  It came out easily with the fork lift.

I then drove the Silver Sixty for the last time. It was bitter sweet … as i’m sad to see the old sixty go but i’m glad we are moving forward with the Trip build.  We have lots of awesome memories is the Silver Sixty from wheeling to family camping trips.  Once the Silver sixty was parked for the final time we pulled the drive shafts.  We pulled the rear suspension off and it was quite a battle to get apart.  We ended up cutting the spring hangers off the truck and cutting the u bolts that were all bent up from wheeling.

Today we went back to clean up. I removed the hood liner and was able to get all the plastic clips removed without breaking them.  We also worked on getting the front suspension and axles off.  All the greasable pins moved so the front will be much easier than the rear.  We still need to remove some steering components and the front shocks before we can drop the front .


Trip with old engine Removing the old engineOld engine outThe kids checking out TripLast drive of the Silver Sixty Cutting spring hangers off rear axle and supension off Front supension almost off

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