RIP Silver Sixty

Over the last few weeks we have been focusing on stripping the old silver sixty.  The next items we removed, after the supension, were the drive shafts, the transmission and transfer case.  Shawn and I lowered the truck onto wood cribbing so it was safer and more stable to work on.  I went back and removed most of the engine connections so we would have the engine ready to pull.  I got a black and blue finger removing some of the AC lines along the firewall. Ouch! Today Saturday Sept 20th we went over and removed all the door and interior.  We were able to get a lot accomplished and hauled most of what we pulled home in the Jetta and Typhoon.  Still need to pull engine, remove steering column and a few other misc part.


Working on stripping the Silver Sixty Dash ready to be removed Almost done parting the Silver Sixty IMG_3963Almost gone


RIP Silver Sixty … We have many fond memories.




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