Moving Day

Well today is the day to move Trip to our friends Shawn’s house where the engine swap will take place.  We were able to winch Trip onto the trailer with my husbands FJ40.  I sat in the truck to steer , my husband was in his FJ40 controlling the winch and Shawn was navigating the Land Cruiser onto the trailer.  All went smoothly and without incident.  We then drive to Shawn’s house which is about 20 minutes from our house.  The kids and I went in the car, my husband drove the silver FJ60 and Shawn drove the truck and trailer.  Once there my husband left and I got to work.  I was able to remove the drive shafts.  I then proceeded to remove the transmission and transfer case with Shawn’s help.  It was a productive day and feels good to be moving forward with the project!

Getting Trip Ready to go to Shawn's house.

Getting Trip ready to go to Shawn’s house.

Drive shafts out

Drive shafts out.

Tranny down

Lowering the old transmission and transfer case down.

Off of jack

Removed the transmission/transfer case from jack.

Rear jacked up

We jacked up the rear of the truck and pulled transmission/transfer case out from under thetruck.

Old transmission and transfer case out

The old transmission and transfer case.

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