Installing the Engine, Transmission and Transfercase

It is April 6th 2015 and we are moving the engine, transmission and transfer case over to Shawn’s today.  We used our 1 ton engine hoist to load everything into the back of our pickup truck.  We were worried about the height of the bed but we were able to load everything just fine.  We unloaded everything easily at Shawn’s and then proceeded to bold the transmission to the engine.  Its looking really good!  Very exciting to finally be moving forward with the project.  Hopefully this weekend we will get to test fit it. Then we need to start working on costume brackets for the engine, alternator, AC compressor, turbo and new transmission cross member.  I have some good ideas of types of brackets I would like to make and mounting locations after chatting with Steve (FL cruiser), Don (longbow) and others on IH8MUD.


Loading 4BD1T and TrannyEngine and Tranny all loaded for trip to Shawns 4BD1T mounted to NV4500 and Toyota Transfercase4BD1T mounted to NV4500 and Toyota Transfercase 1


Saturday April 11th 2015 we decided to spit the transmission from the engine as our engine hoist could not lift the whole unit.  We then jacked the side of the truck up and rolled the NV4500 Transmission and Toyota Transfer case under the the FJ60 on the dolly.  Then we used two ratcheting straps to lift the unit off the dolly and onto a jack.  We made a metal template that screwed to the jack and then to the mounting point on the advanced adapter which has proven very handy. We had a tough time finding bolts that would fit into the advanced adapter mounting area … that slowed down our momentum for working.  We tried a another jack in the from of the transmission.  Next we lowered the engine into the engine bay and tried to attach it back to the transmission .  It was fighting us and we were getting tired.  I suggested, as others had on mudd, to then cut off two bolts heads that fit in the bell housing and then Shawn milled a notch in the end of each so we could use a screw driver to remove them later.  This helped as it seemed the engine was sitting a bit crooked to the transmission.  We were close to getting it connected but it was getting later so we decided to come back tomorrow and continue work.


Trips ready for a Diesel EngineNV4500 under truckEngine in the bay for the first time


Sunday April 12th we returned at around 9 am and removed the front jack and added a ratcheting strap back in that location after moving it all up toward the bottom of the truck and forward toward the engine bay.  We used a couple small clamps to help assist in in squeezing the sides together … If the cut off bolts were longer we could have put a nut on and tightened as well.  Tim and I were able to get the engine connected to the transmission quickly.  We then started to raise the transmission and engine up so we could get the 5 speed snifter located.   Of course the jack maxed out before it was in place so we had to add some cribbing to the jack so we could proceed.  Next was the engine hoist … it was not happy with the additional weight and  we had to add a bottle jack to assist.  Once in a location that looked good we ran some string from from to rear axle and then aligned the transfer case.  We also ran a sting across the engine bay to check hood clearance.  We made a plate to adapt the hydro boost brake unit to the firewall without any mods to the firewall.  We looked at clearance for alternator, turbo, AC compressor.  Also axle to oil pan clearance… so we tried to keep the engine as high as possible.  Once we go it in a good location we started to make the engine mounts.  I wanted to make it from some box steel as other had but we didn’t have any around so we used what we had on hand.  We knew the angle of 40 degrees which others used.  The Anchor 2469 engine mounts  have a different tab to hold the mount in place than the Isuzu mounts.  We removed the brackets that connect to the mounts from the engine ans modified them to accept the new mounts.  We then made a plate that fit that other side of the mount as well.  We bolted that all together and back onto the engine.  We then cut some cardboard templates at 40 degrees and checked fitment on both sides.  Next the cardboard templates were transferred to the flat metal stock.  Shawn used his plasma cutter to cut the  steel templates.  We test fitted and then Shawn tack welded to the frame and steel we attached to the engine mount.  We lowered the weight onto the mounts and then engine is actually finally sitting in Trip!! Its was very exciting to see the engine sitting in there.  We had to lower the transmission as the weight on the frame lowered everything.  By now it is getting late maybe 7:30 pm so we headed home to get my son  ready for school ect.  We plant to now recheck fitment of everything we can think of to ensure nothing moved and that is the exact location we would like the engine.  The next big step is to fab up the new transmission cross member which we need to order some steel for.  Very productive day… nice to finally see the engine sitting in the bay!



Transmission conected to EngineWlding Engine MountsEngine mounts tacked in and holding Engine


Saturday May 2nd 2015 we went over and finished the mount for the transmission.  The engine and transmission are finally all mounted in the truck!!  Spacing for everything we could think to check looks good.  Next step is to pull the engine and finish welding the engine mounts .  While the engine is out we would like to drill a hole in the bell housing for the Dakota digital unit. We will also work on the final mounting of the alternator and AC compressor and getting the belts on.  I’m also looking for a large NPR inter cooler to purchase.


Transmission CrosmemberShawn Welding Transmission CrossmemberMounting Transmission CrossmemberIsuzu 4BD1T on new mounts


Saturday May 16 we pulled the NV4500 and the engine.  There are a few modification to do to the engine mounts and the transmission crossmember while it is all apart.  Also want to get paint on all the new brackets and cross member.  Shawn was able to weld more support into the engine mounts and  do the final welding to secure the mounts.  We took the clutch, flywheel , pressure plate apart so we could drill and tap for the digital Dakota sensor.  While apart I will drop off the flywheel and pressure plate to be resurfaced.  I also remember reading about pilot bearing issues so looking into if we should change to a bushing.


Removing engine and transmission to mount sensors, alternator and acShawn welding engine new engine mountsShawn welding engine new engine mounts 1Engine mounts weldedRemoving pressure plate, clutch and flywheel to install Dakota digital sensorPilot bearing


Wednesday May 20th 2015 I went over with Scott to try and get prep and paint on custom mounts and cross member.  The transmission cross member got ground , prepped and painted.  Also ground the engine mounts and cleaned them up a bit.


Trasmission cross memberMy little helper

Tranny crossmember primed Tranny crossmember painted

Engine mounts ground and cleaned


Saturday May 23rd 2015 we went over to work on the truck.  My husband worked on drilling and tapping to get the Dakota Digital sensor installed.  He then looked at getting the alternator lined up and installed.  While he was doing that I got the transmission/bell housing, engine mounts and transmission mounts prepped and painted.  The flywheel wasn’t resurfaced yet and I am waiting on several parts to get it all back together.  Next weekend we plan on getting it back together so we can trailer Trip home.


Jig to drill hole for dakota digitalDrilling a holeDakota Digital installedtransmission paintedEngine mounts paintedTranny mounts painted



Its Saturday May 30th 2015 we have the resurfaced flywheel , and pressure plate, the new pilot bushing  ect and we are ready to get it all back together and home.  We attached and torqued the flywheel and then installed the new bushing.  Then we went to install the clutch and the clutch centering tool was the wrong one.  After calling a few places and non had the correct centering tool in stock we were almost to the point to just bring it home in pieces and pretty frustrated … We talked with Shawn and he was able make one on his lathe so we could move forward.  Torqued the pressure plate on and then proceeded to get the transmission lined up with the engine.  It went pretty smoothly attaching the two.  We installed the new rubber bushings into the tranny cross member.  After getting one side attached the other fought us be we eventually got it connected.  we decided to wait until the next day to trailer Trip home as we were pretty tired and it was getting late.


Engine mounts ready for engineNV4500 and bellhousing paintedFlywheel resurfaced and new bushing installedTorqueing pressure plateCustom clutch centering toolConnecting bellhousing to flywheel housingCustom transmission mount installed4BD1T Engine in FJ60


Sunday May 31 2015 we got over to Shawn’s to move the truck before it started to rain.  We go there moved some stuff around so we could get the truck out.  We pushed the truck out into his driveway.  We then got his winch and attached it to his trailer temporarily to get the truck on the trailer.  All went smoothly and we had it loaded quickly and without incident.  We unloaded it easly into the driveway with the assitence of the emergency break.  Trip is home!!


Trip in drive way and ready to load on the trailerRemoving the winchTrip loaded and ready to be towed homeLoaded and ready to goTraveling homeTrip made it homeTrip home safe and sound



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