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Well now that the engine and transmission are mounted it is time to start connecting all the systems electrical, fuel, coolant , brakes ect.

On June 26th my Holset He221w  turbo arrived.  Found a good deal on a new unit and really had my heart set on that turbo so decided to change routes on the turbo set up.

Holset HE221W Turbo Holset HE221W Turbo 1


On July 17 2015 we cut the shaft on the brake booster to length, threaded the shaft and attached the bracket from the original brake booster.  It ended up fitting perfectly .  Very happy with how it turned out.  It looks stock even though a FJ60 never came with hydroboost brakes.

Modifiying brake booster to work with brake pedal in the FJ60 Brake booster shaft modified to work Brake booster connected to brake pedal

July 19th 2015 we torqued down a bunch of bolts … we put a new thermostat in so that all needed to be torqued to spec.  Replaced the water pump with a remanufactured oem unit so torqued that.  Installed the bypass hose.  Torqued some other misc bolts .  Installed the temperature gauge sensor which is a new Toyota one that just threads right in below the thermostat.  Found and labeled the temperature sensor wire while we were there.  Also discussed how we want to run our electric fans and what sensor and switches we would like.  The next thing is to get the AC compressor and the alternator mounted so we can get some belts installed.

Torqueing bolts to spec 1st new hose back on

Saturday August 8th 2015 we reclocked the He221w turbo.  We used our dremel tool to grind down the positing pins on the turbo.  The next day we made a custom bracket to hold the waste gate actuator so it would be properly positioned.

20150808_113133 The start of the wastegate actuator bracket Wastegate actuator bracket New wastegate actuator bracket Holset He221w turbo back together Turbo test fitted

Saturday August 15th 2015 we started to work on the new brackets to hold the alternator and AC compressor.  We found that the old brackets that we had started would not work as the belts from the alternator would not clear the AC compressor.  We looked around the garage and found an old fence from my husbands table saw to use for steel.  We also wanted to find a way to  incorporate the tensioning bracket from the old FJ60 to tighten the belts of the alternator.  We make good progress on the alternator brackets today.

Old fence being transformed into brackets Making custom alternator bracket Making the custome alternator bracket Bottom portion of bracket ruffed in Alternator bracket

Sunday August 16th we started to make a mount for the AC compressor.  We made the bottom bracket but 2 of the holes were off .  We ended up using the dremel to oblong the holes so we could see what position would work.  Our welder also was out of shielding gas so we decided to quit for the day .

The start of the first ac compressor bracket Oblonged hole to find best position as hole was off First try at bottom portion of the Ac compressor bracket

Monday August 17th 2015 I was able to finally get two belts that fit from Napa.  The stock size 4BD1T belt just fit but seemed a little small so we went with the next size up from stock.  I got two belts with the same part number and they were different lengths from Napa.  I had to go back to Napa several times to finally get two that were the same length.  Exciting to finally have some belts on the truck.

20150817_183308 Belts with same part number different length

On August 28th 2015 we got the turbo exhaust outlet and the gasket from Cummings and installed them on the turbo.  We also painted the custom wastegate actuator bracket we made earlier.

Turbo exhaust outlet installed Turbo back on engine

The weekend of August 29th 2015 we worked on making a new bottom A/C compressor bracket and then designing/making the top bracket.  My husband is getting better and better at welding these little brackets. I also had our friend Shawn make a little shim on his lathe to fit on the bolt that goes though the alternator to make it fit snug.

Making 2nd AC bottom bracket 2nd AC bracket installed... looks good ! Top  AC bracket Making the top AC compressor bracket Top AC compressor bracket

Monday September 7th 2015 we finished up the top ac compressor bracket and trimmed up all the brackets to make them look better and lighter.   I then ground down all the sharp corners and get them ready to paint.  Later that afternoon I used some self etching primer and the same black paint I  top coated the frame with to paint the brackets.  Next we need to work on the bracket for the tensioner pulley for the AC.

AC compressor brackets AC compressor brackets and spacing Alternator and Ac compressor brackets trimmed up and test fitted Alternator and Ac compressor brackets trimmed up and test fitted 1                                Alternator and AC compressor mounted Alternator and AC compressor test fit with brackets

Long time no post …

On March 13th 2017 we fitted on the 4Runner front calipers by trimming the dust shield so we could see how the rims we have would fit.  It looks like they will need a 1/4 wheel spacer to fit properly .  My husband may take those rims and tires back for his FJ40, if so i will be on the hunt for rims that fit without a spacer.


4Runner upgraded caliper and clearance with rims

On April 17-18 2017 we mounted the Isuzu NPR inter cooler part # 8973333621 to a FJ60 radiator with a few little metal brackets we fabricated.  My husband had modified the original FJ60 fan shroud to hold the 1992 Volvo 740 wagon electric fan we had purchased.  We ended up having to move the fan back slightly to have good clearance but it should work well.  Once the inter cooler , radiator and electric fan were mounted together we mounted the whole unit into the truck.  We welded 2 small brackets to the frame which the lower stock radiator mounts attach to.  We extended the original FJ60 radiator mounts down a bit with a small bracket on each side.  I think we will be attaching the top of the radiator unit to the front body with sway bar links which will allow for any moment.  Also checked clearance with hood several times to make sure there would be no issues with it closing.

Isuzu Intercooler mounted to FJ60 radiator Isuzu NPR intercooler attached to FJ60 radiator Placement of brackets to hold FJ60 radiator, tintercooler and electric fanIsuzu Intercooler, FJ60 radiator and electic fan in placeClearance between fan and engineIsuzu Intercooler , FJ60 radiator and electric fan


May 1st 2017 the fuel dog type fuel filtration system is getting there.  Over the weekend we made up some bracket to mount the filter bases to the fire wall never the windshield whipper motor.  I went to Home depot and picked up the brass fiting to connect the fuel lines too.  I went from an adapter of 1/2 MIP X 1/4 FIP on the housing to Street Elbows 1/4 MIP x 1/4 FIP then for the feed from the tank and the feed to the injector pump i used hose barb adapter 1/4 ID x 1/4 MIP  and for the return line used a hose barb adapter of 1/8 ID x 1/4 MIP.  I used hose barbs 1/2 x 12 MIP to connect the 2 filters.  Per longbow’s posts on Ih8mud this creates a positive pressure to the lift pump and a lesser pressure returning to the tank.  Here are the filters and bases I used: Napa Hydraulic Filter Adapter Base – 4770,  Napa Fuel Filter Base – 4309 , Napa Fuel Filter – 3528 and Napa Fuel Filter – 3418 .  Still need to install the electric inline pump and make a tub to pickup from the bottom of the fuel filter.

Fuel Filter fittingsair dog style fuel system

April 5th … I am looking for an FZJ80 air filter lid , air transfer elbow for my turbo as well as  oil feed and drain for my HE221w turbo and getting misc hoses for heater, fuel , radiator ect .


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  • Steve Weller

    I found the link to your blog through your profile and postings on the Yankee Toys forum. You guys are doing great work, and I love the blog and documentation of the process. Such a cool project!