Doing The Build

Connecting all the systems 1

Well now that the engine and transmission are mounted it is time to start connecting all the systems electrical, fuel, coolant , brakes ect. On June 26th my Holset He221w  turbo arrived.  Found a good deal on a new unit and really had my heart set on that turbo so decided to […]

Axles and Supension

Well we have been really busy lately and have finally gotten some time in for Trip the truck.  Sunday October 19th, 2014 my husband went over to Shawns and moved the truck into the garage.  Tim started to remove the rear suspension and axle while I prepped the axle from […]


Today I went to Shawn’s machine shop with the Volvo turbo which is a TD04HL-16T.  I removed the compressor housing which is held on by a large snap ring. I then removed the compressor wheel and turbine wheel.  We then set up the CHRA in his lathe and he lathed […]

RIP Silver Sixty

Over the last few weeks we have been focusing on stripping the old silver sixty.  The next items we removed, after the supension, were the drive shafts, the transmission and transfer case.  Shawn and I lowered the truck onto wood cribbing so it was safer and more stable to work on. […]


Well yesterday we disconnected the last few items and pulled Trips old engine out.  It came out easily with the fork lift. I then drove the Silver Sixty for the last time. It was bitter sweet … as i’m sad to see the old sixty go but i’m glad we are moving […]

This week

I have continued to clean up parts of the engine and then paint them.  We removed the water pump since is it easy to change now and I am in the process of ordering another one.  I am having a little trouble finding one.  I originally order a Gates 43314 Water […]

Moving Day

Well today is the day to move Trip to our friends Shawn’s house where the engine swap will take place.  We were able to winch Trip onto the trailer with my husbands FJ40.  I sat in the truck to steer , my husband was in his FJ40 controlling the winch […]

FJ60 Dash to FJ62 Dash 2

Over the past weekend we were planning on getting the engine back together but it was too humid to do any painting so we had to hold off on that project.  We decided to remove the front rug from Trip so we have access to the top of the transmission. […]