Build Specifications

Like any project one needs to start with a plan, and exhibit A in our plan is the Build Specification list.

Goals and Objectives

Build a daily driver that can fit a family of four comfortably, even over long distance road trips. An upgraded power train for increased towing capacity for pulling our FJ40, camper, or utility trailer. Its got to be easy to get parts for this rig, we need 99.99% uptime. And of course we need good fuel economy for those long drives to whatever state park camp ground we want to escape to.


  • 1989 Isuzu 4BD1T turbo charged direct inject 4 cylinder diesel
  • Holset HE221W Turbo (changed plans from the volvo )
  • 170 amp universal alternator


  • 2001 GM NV4500 manual 5 speed with stock 1985 Toyota T-case


  • Old Man Emu Safari 4″ lift
  • Front shackle reversal
  • 4 Plus U-bolt flip kit

Axel / Brakes

  • 1994 4Runner upgraded calipers
  • Knuckle rebuild tutorial
  • Allahan Off Road and Imports – Front brake upgrades

Wheels / Tires

Use this handy tire size calculator on

  • 16 inch wheel, but thinking about going to 17 inch
  • Lug pattern is 6 on 5.5
  • backspacing of 3.625
  • Mickey Thompson Classic II are a good option if you can find them
  • Wrangler Duratrac 285/75R16 (close to a 33 x 10.5 tire size)