Monthly Archives: May 2014

Preparing Trip for the Diesel engine

Today we removed a lot of the  connections that are holding the old 2F engine in.  We also removed the radiator and A/C unit.  We are in pretty good shape to pull the old engine when the times comes.  We also removed the old mud flaps.  The truck looks so […]

FJ62 Parts

I just purchased a FJ62 dash to swap into Trip.  Both Tim and I decided that we like the double bay for the radio system and style of the dash better.  I also purchased some miscellaneous parts such as the gas petal and throttle cable which we will need when […]

We Got The Drivetrain!

Yesterday we took a little road trip north to Meredith New Hampshire to checkout a 1985 Chevy C-10 with a 1988 Isuzu 4BD1T and a 2001 GM NV4500 All Ready Bolted Together!!! We were able to “test drive” the C-10 which was awesome. It was amazing that we found our […]